Saturday, 25 May 2013

May 25th 2013 - Day 145.

''Can anyone identify this bird?! From what I can see it looks like he has gorgeous little brown eyes, like a teeny tiny owls face. (I've tried the RSPB bird identifier btw)
I'm super annoyed at myself as this really should be a photo of a baby woodpecker, but as I'm such an idiot I didn't take my camera on Baker's first walk this morning. :( When I went back this afternoon, on his 3rd walk, I hunted everywhere but couldn't find him. I saw willow tit, coal tit, blue tit and starlings, even a wild baby bunny rabbit, but no woodpecker. This guy is still handsome though, even if he wouldn't look at me ha.''


  1. My boyfriend seems to think its either a baby female reed bunting or a out of season baby robin :) xx

    1. Ah googling photos it could actually be a baby robin. I didn't hear it sing so couldn't identify it from that and hadn't seen one before. Not great at knowing how the baby birds look either. Tell him thanks! x

    2. I know, even though my dad raised me to analyse every single bird I see I'm totally rubbish at identifying them and baby birds totally throw it all off haha :) x


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