Friday, 11 January 2013

January 11th 2013 - Day 11.

''I'm actually typing this up at 22.34, before the actual photo has even been taken. Without a doubt the hardest photo to take ever.

I'm not a one to take photos of myself, like ever, hence being behind a camera as a photographer. The script on my chest is my belated 'Christmas gift' so I wanted to get this photo done to show you all. I have to admit though, I got a little bit of help with this's in my portable studio that I set up in the bedroom, I sorted the lighting and camera and everything then got my other half to press the button when he thought I looked presentable. [Edit - As he is also a photographer, he completely changed all my settings/lighting etc and forced me to smile. Apologies for my crooked teeth :( ] I did try to do it by timer but for over 30mins I just got stressed that I didn't look right.
Anyways, I suppose this is the first - probably the only - shot of me on this P365. Hi.''

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