Tuesday, 10 October 2017

October 2017 // Days 274 - 280

October 1st. Day 274.
Day 1 of Halloween!! Changed the prints in my frames to suit the season a little better. Also got a few bits of Halloween decor out - yay!

October 2nd. Day 275.
Happy UK DVD release day Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales!! One day we will have justice and the titles won't be changed in our country!

October 3rd. Day 276.
After the disappearance of my Goose pal, I've needed a new friend to have my daily talks with. Then this babe stepped up to the plate. She has been in that tiny nest every time I have passed from around the 30th - 9th and she's worrying me because the wind has been insane lately! Don't fall pretty lady <3

The second photo was taken on my potato of a phone because I already had a photo for the day so didn't take my camera to 2nd and 3rd jobs. However, (not that you can tell) there ended up being a bloomin' Sparrowhawk eating a pigeon in the garden or 3rd job! Sad for the pigeon but an insane moment of nature to witness so far in the centre of town. Of course, I have seen wild birds of prey out near Kielder etc but never in Berwick. Amazing.

October 4th. Day 277.
My sweetie cauldron is going to be empty by the weekend let alone Halloween night itself...

October 5th. Day 278. 
The crew from new movie 'Outlaw King' have been hard at work in Berwick this week ready for filming on the 7th - 11th! It's just along the road from my house and I walk across that bridge (that is going to be closed for filming) every day of the week! So exciting!

October 6th. Day 279.
Venus and Mars are visble with the naked eye from Earth this month and it's truely mesmerizing. The 2nd image is taken at just closer than how the naked eye sees and you can tell how bright Venus is and even see a slight red tinge to Mars. In comparrison to the other stars, of which were behind me, the brightness was inense. So much so they were still visible well into early sunrise despite being directly above where the sun rises.

October 7th. Day 280. 
Baker and I were playing in his Granny and Granda's garden today and I couldn't believe how many dead leaves there are already. One of the saddest things about Autumn :(


Tuesday, 3 October 2017

September 2017 // Days 267 - 273

September 24th. Day 267.
It's been a while since I've seen a sunrise. It's usualy dark on my way to work in the mornings again now.

September 25th. Day 268.
I was in bed reading when I realized I hadn't taken a photo. Maybe a black hole would be better than this group of 15 pixels ha.

September 26th. Day 269.
My favorite flower (/ the only one I really like) from Mam :)

September 27th. Day 270.
Even with the ventilation fan on and the window and door open, it still looks like a steam room in my bathroom tonight.

September 28th. Day 271.
Despite having to manual focus everything with my broken lens (see previous post)

September 29th. Day 272.
Since when did it become full on Autumn? Over night?!

September 30th. Day 273.
Took photos for my quartly collective haul today. It's not often I buy proper clothes but I'm happy with these picks for sure.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

September 2017 // Days 260 - 266

September 17th. Day 260.
Weird coloured skies and crow friends are my favorites.

September 18th. Day 261.
SO obsessed with my new 'moving' pictures for Halloween. Kinda just want to have them up all the time.

September 19th. Day 262.
How did people tell the time on overcast days..?

September 20th. Day 263.
Had to walk an even more scenic route home today because there was some art festival thingy going on and there were touristy, arty farty people blocking my other path haha.

September 21st. Day 264.
Spent the evening editing photos.

September 22nd. Day 265.
Baker modeling his new Halloween costume! He didn't want to take it off after this...

September 23rd. Day 266.
And my lens is broken. My only lens. The lens I dropped about 10 months ago and difficultly fixed myself, is dead. Well the autofocus is, so until I can afford a new lens I have to manually focus everything. Don't expect any bird photos for a while :(

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

September 2017 // Days 253 - 259

September 10th. Day 253.
New magnets in the collection. Beautiful parrot from Mam and Dad's holiday that they got back from yesterday and one from Claire and I's trip to Hay Farm.

September 11th. Day 254.

September 12th. Day 255.
Work, work, work, work, work.

September 13th. Day 256.
It's the most wonderful time of the yeeeaarrr....!

September 14th. Day 257.
The painted stone trend has made it to Berwick. I'd have taken it home but I hate Minions...sorry! It was lovely though, really well done :)

September 15th. Day 258.
So strange that this stunning Little Egret is hanging about nearer the bridges lately. I'm not mad though.

September 16th. Day 259.
Should I just give up now or what?