Tuesday, 22 May 2018

May 2018 // Days 134 - 140

May 14th, 2018.
A terrible photo of one of the happiest parts of my day. I get to spy a big family of bunnies almost every morning on the bus home from job #1, but that does mean that I had to take this shot through the dirty window of a moving bus.

May 15th, 2018.
Job #3 also provides me with some good bird watching situations, especially in this nice weather where they all gather in the back garden for drinks from the pond.

 May 16th, 2018.
This pretty much sums up Baker's thoughts about moving. He is loving and spending a huge amount of time in the garden! Today was actually a rare day of late that I had a free afternoon once getting home from job #2...so I soaked up the vitamin D with a book and my boyo.

May 17th, 2018.
Makes my day watching the Starlings doing their mini murmurations.

 May 18th, 2018.
From a multi-daily occurrence to a kind of rare one to be honest. It was nice to walk over the old bridge today and say hi to all  my river buddies, although a little scarce.

 May 19th, 2018.
Choo choo! Giving Laura some countryside education in style, aboard Heatherslaw Light Railway.

May 20th, 2018.
The bright moment of a shadowed day for me was watching the Starling parents, who are nesting in nextdoor's roof, come back and forth to feed their babies.